Scrum is a Game!

I hope you have heard of the new book, called A Scrum Book.  It is by Jeff Sutherland, James Coplien, et al.  Wonderfully good.  You must get it. The subtitle is “The Spirit of the Game.” We also know that Scrum is named for the scrum formation in the game of rugby.  So, in that […]

Announcements – December 2019

Here are several announcements, briefly listed: 1. Renew your certification. Here is a blog post discussing renewing your certification: We recommend you renew your certification.  This blog post gives you most of the essential information.  You can contact us with questions. Or contact 2. Refresher You can re-take a course from us for […]

Surprise for the day: Agile at Scale and Agile in Science

I was walking through the Newark airport today.  I looked on the book shelves, and there it was: HBR’s 10 Must Reads 2020. I looked into it.  There was the article that Jeff Sutherland co-wrote “Agile at Scale” along with two guys from Bain. I recommend you read it, well, if.  If you are a […]

Impediment List

I just got my copy of A Scrum Book – The Spirit of the Game.  By Sutherland, Coplien et al.  Awesome book. Recommended. See: One of my favorites is Pattern #40. Impediment List. You must read their pages about this pattern for yourself. But let me add a few things. Metaphorically, I view this […]

Renewing Your Certification – How we can help.

We have a earlier post that surveys the Scrum Alliance information on renewal.  Here. Below are our thoughts and what LeanAgileTraining can do to help you with this. 1. Our Reaction to the Scrum Alliance Rules We have noticed that human knowledge fades. To maintain one’s knowledge and ability requires attention, or more work and […]

Let’s consider Aggressive Scrum

Can we imagine a world where things are notably better for the team and its customers? To me, aggressive Scrum would be a key part of that world. Here are some of the characteristics of aggressive Scrum: the team is playing Scrum like they mean it, together you have a great team who has been […]

Scrum is an Aggressive Game

It seems that people forget that Scrum is meant to be an aggressive game. It does not assume a world where everyone goes home smiling with a participation trophy.  It is not a game for the little children. It is a game for serious (albeit smiling) adults. At the same time, we are meant NOT […]

Question: Path to — Trainer or Coach?

Question from Nameless4Now: (By the way, I called her that, because I did not have time to ask her about privacy.) Hi Joe! …I thought I’d ask you for your thoughts on the next step on my Agile path. I’m currently a Scrum Master. Ultimately I’d love to pursue the Trainer path and train other […]

Renewing your certification / Information from Scrum Alliance

1. Basic Scrum Alliance approach Scrum Alliance has come up with some practical things.  They are attempts to deal with different issues. Valid Certification Scrum Alliance wants everyone to have an up-to-date, valid certification. Per Scrum Alliance rules, your certification expires after two years.  (The expiration date is shown on your Scrum Alliance profile.) Get […]

Question: A technical challenge arises inside the Sprint

Hanna wrote again from Finland. [Shortened and lightly edited.] Hi Joseph, First, thanks for your [last reply]. I hope you will accept my next request, to answer this next question. Thanks! Hanna I replied. Hi Hanna, See my comments below, in-line. Hope that helps. Regards! Joe PS. Was that a PO question?  Or a SM […]